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Sturdy/quality picnic table (can deliver) $250
I build these picnic tables with quality in mind in each and every build. i use screws, not nails, and glue each and every joint. i also round the corners, utilize an end cap, and give the table a quality coat of stain/sealer. a 6ft picnic table is [...] 2014-10-24T08:05:02-06:00
Quality built kids picnic table (colorado) $100
I build quality picnic tables. usually they are 6' or 8' adult size. with the culled (left over) lumber i built this kids 4' picnic table. i use screws (not nails) and glue all the joints. i also round all the corners (even the legs) and give it a go [...] 2014-10-24T08:04:40-06:00
Wrought iron - childrens picnic set - table, bench & chairs - adorable (lakewood) $120
Toddler childrens picnic set (ages 1 to 4), rare, unique, patina finish, table, bench & two chairs, they fold up, so adorable for your toddlers to enjoy outdoors or even in their room with dolls on it... cash only, local only!! no scams, spammers or [...] 2014-10-23T11:40:45-06:00
Quality (new) picnic table (colorado) $250
I build quality picnic tables and other outdoor furniture. i use screws, not nails, and glue all the joints for a very secure table. i round all the corners and use a redwood naturaltone stain/sealer to finish it. delivery is available (ask). a 6' p [...] 2014-10-23T08:23:16-06:00
Vintage sofa & other items (parkhill/ denver) $250
Vintage sofa, suitcases, picnic baskets, 1950's typewriter, and burlap table runners. sofa $250 small tear on top cushion repaired chairs for each gray 40 30 for blue typewriter $50 burlap runners 8 each suitcases $15-25 depending on condition [...] 2014-10-22T16:21:27-06:00
Outdoor cedar picnic table (denver, co) $400
This is a brand new hand made cedar table. it is 6' in length and weighs approximately 220lbs. it comes completely assembled with stainless fasteners, sanded, and varnished (marine spar varnish used for maximum protection in harsh co weather). $400 [...] 2014-10-21T08:56:40-06:00
Sturdy built picnic table - quality (delivery available) $250
I build quality picnic tables. they are screwed (not nailed), all the joints glued with a good exterior wood glue and i round all the corners. then i finish it off with a redwood naturaltone stain/sealer. 6' picnic table is only $250. 8' picnic tab [...] 2014-10-19T11:12:12-06:00
Dresser dryer washer refrigerator ... (north glenn )
Hi we have a new top loading washer bout new over 1000 this summer make offer. riding mower doesn't run right now power washer dressers bunks great dane dog kennel picnic table bird bath games dryer glass top stove lots of old style tvs king waterbed [...] 2014-10-17T04:09:42-06:00
Patio furniture $50
Picnic table. adjustable to make table and bench to desired size. tables fold up to make bench seats as well. 2014-10-15T10:47:20-06:00
Picnic table (lakewood) $150
Refinished two seat picnic table. 2014-10-13T09:17:11-06:00

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